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Cannalytics Research Founder & Cannabis Data Nerd

Tianna Waite

Tianna's route into cannabis has been a journey filled with an extraordinary array of experiences that provide her a unique perspective. For 12 years she was a member of the Army National Guard.  She served in a variety of roles--from a heavy equipment operator (construction worker) to an outreach worker for recruiting, and finished with a seven-year stint in Public Affairs that included a combat deployment in Afghanistan. 

Tianna's educational experience mirrors the unique perspectives provided by her time in the military. While obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Oregon, subsequent to her combat tour, Tianna was afforded the opportunity to complete a TV news internship in Ghana, West Africa during the ebola pandemic. She learned a lot about journalism in a third-world country during a global crisis, but even more importantly she learned the beautiful differences of cultures,values and people, and how to navigate them during a crisis. After finishing her BS in Journalism, she went on to earn a MS in Strategic Communication—furthering her education in the strategy behind effective communication and how that intersects with successful business strategy.

After retiring from the military in 2018, Tianna set her sights on cannabis and quickly found a deep passion for the plant. Sharing the beneficial effects of cannabis to Veterans became an important driver for Tianna, but honoring the plant become equally as important. She decided to enter the cannabis industry as a way to positively impact it and learned a great deal while working in-house for one of the fastest growing cannabis companies on the West coast.


Armed with knowledge, experience and passion, Tianna founded Cannalytics Research to help cannabis and hemp organizations discover their full potential in the ever-growing market. Her dedication to her clients and the perseverance she exhibits as she discovers data-driven solutions to complex business strategies is unparalleled.

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